I jinxed myself

Awhile ago I was telling someone how I never get sick. Well, I must have jinxed myself. I got hit with a cold that sidelined me all week, and I haven’t written since Sunday. Today I finally felt human again and was able to write enough to get me to the 5,000 word mark. Hope to get some good writing in this weekend.

Day 2 of NaNoWriMo barely happened

Day 2 of NaNoWriMo wasn’t as productive as day 1, but I wasn’t able to sit down and write until 9:30 pm. I didn’t want to because I was tired, but I did. I didn’t get much written, but that’s ok. This year, I’m focusing on building my habit back up and writing quality words. So today I only got about 300 words, and I’m glad that I made the effort to sit and write even for a few minutes. Tomorrow should be better. I get to sleep in, and have a write-in to attend.

World building

In full planning mode right now, but in a different way from last year. Since I’m writing fantasy for the first time, I’ve been doing world building of my Underworld. I’ve never gone to this level before and I’m having lots of fun! Got the map done with all cities, and key markers. A key area is going to be a dormant volcano, which I thought of because I visited the one in St. Lucia many years ago. It was so cool. We could walk through it and there was smoke coming up out of the ground. Makes for a great feature in an underworld.

I also got all the fantasy creatures developed, and now need to work on history of how the Underworld developed. Have an idea percolating on that. Have two NaNo prep events to go to this weekend so those will help me move along.

Days 28 and 29 on Instawrimo

Days 28 and 29 of Instawrimo.

Day 28 was fresh air. There was one pocket of sunshine yesterday, During that, I found my pup just sitting by his most fav toy…the almighty frisbee.

Day 29 was “Suddenly”. At Starbucks today, my daughter suddenly has a new spelling of her name. And, found a great writing prompt.

A bit behind on Instawrimo challenge

I got behind on posting so here are the combined days 24-26 of Instawrimo.

Day 24 was living literature. I skipped this one as I just couldn’t come up with anything.

Day 25 was to show my NaNo swag. Love my long-sleeve tee and sweatshirt. Now I need to get this year’s tee!

Day 26 is about paradox. Wasn’t sure in this one and thought it would be interesting to see the paradoxes of my personality type. Some of them were quite true.